At Gratz Recycling GmbH, currently approx. 12,000 old cars are drained, and hazardous substances are removed each year.
The wrecks pass through the disassembly hall on mechanical conveyors.

At the drying station, all fluids such as fuel, engine and gear oil, cooling agent, brake fluid etc. are sucked out using a vacuum system, and fed into the closed piping system of the secured storage tanks.

The turning, lifting and tipping station enables the individual positioning of the old cars, in order to be able to carry out all the works rationally.
At the same time, batteries, catalytic convertors and oil and air filters are removed.

After the semi automatic transfer to the disassembly station, recyclable old materials - such as rims, tyres and balancing weights - and in a further work process, cable trees, glass, rubber or thermoplastics are removed, before the old cars are sent to the shredder via a conveyor, for final processing.

Gratz Recycling GmbH is certified according
to ISO 9001, and therefore complies with the international requirements in the area of quality management, and certifies to our customers that we carry out reliable work.