Österreichische Shredder and ARGE-Shredder

When the waste management law came into force in 1990, the work group of Austrian shredder operations was born.

The first tasks of this work group were to safeguard the disposal of the shredder residual fractions, and act as a role model in old car disposal in Austria.

In order to realise large technical projects, like a forward looking old car demolition, the work group was changed to "Österreichische Shredder" Altautoentsorgungs- und Entwicklungs-GmbH & Co KG for operative implementation in 1992.

After "Österreichische Shredder" only had the area of old vehicles and affiliated system operation to take care of, from the end of 2010, the work group for shredders made the decision to found their own company -"ARGE Shredder GmbH".

In this way, all the other interests of the shredders could be covered.

ARGE-Shredder GmbH is made up of 6 companies, which stand for the 6 existing shredder operations in Austria.

Tasks and goals of ARGE-Shredder GmbH

Observation and uniform implementation of the legal requirements, as well as participation in the legal development, e.g.
AWG and its ordinances (AFZ-VO, EAG-VO, VerpackVO, DeponieVO,...), ALSAG-law, eco-premium law, industrial emissions (IE-RL, BREF, BAT, IPPC, PRTR-VO, POP-VO) and all legal materials connection with the operation of a shredder system.

Active involvement in various specialist bodies and representations of interests:
WKO, VÖEB, ÖWAV, EFR, BIR, Plattform Stopp den illegalen Abfallexport, Arbeitskreis eDM / eRAS, Fachausschuss NE-Metallurgie amongst other things

Lecture activities at national and international events, e.g:
DepoTech, ÖWAV, ISWA, Internationaler Automobilrecyclingkongress, viaExpo amongst other things

PR work:
Contact with various media

The work group of shredder operation has been a recognised platform for more than 20 years, and is available to authorities, institutions and economic partners as a central address point for all shredder matters. ARGE-Shredder GmbH is now successfully continuing this tradition.



Österreichische Shredder Altauto- und Entwicklungs-GmbH & Co KG: