Scrap metal is a metallic recyclable material, which is available in various types. New products of the same quality and value can be created from scrap metal. This is the basis of an environmentally friendly future! Gebrüder Gratz makes a significant contribution to processing and disposal of industrial waste, old cars, electronic waste and household waste.

In the family business founded in 1938,
75 employees manage around 130,000 tonnes
of scrap and non ferrous metal per year, on
the 80,000 m² premises.

We provide our customers with containers and troughs to collect the material. We have our own in-house train connections, which enable us to deliver the scrap metal that we process, to inland and foreign steel works and metal works by train. The export percentage is approx. 80%. Processing is carried out by a shredder plant, scrap shears and a non ferrous processing plant.